Modern Hospital Software

Connecting old and new

Patients, Doctors, Hospitals and Researchers all connected in real time to maximise health outcomes.

Connect Legacy systems with new emerging standards like FHIR, allowing the old systems to be brought into Modern Software practices.

The platform, called Afira, is designed for the Medical / Health sector and going through beta testing now. We are currently working with the Germany Ministry of Health and other government and standards bodies.

We are currently looking for new partners that wish to leverage the system, so feel free to contact us for a chat.


Reuse Legacy systems with new systems to communicate to each other allowing reuse of the data and logic in these legacy systems.

  • In many cases no changes are required to the legacy systems.
  • Where small changes are needed a GRPC allows any computing language to be used for the integration into the legacy system.

GUI toolkit for Mobile and Desktop User Interfaces that are real time updated.

  • One code base works on All Mobiles, Desktops.
  • Fully localised using i18n and l10n for different Country languages.

Security layers that are adaptable to different organisation and countries requirements.

  • JOSE integration as mandated by FHIR.

Per Country adapters for the requirements of Government and Health insurance backends.

  • The German legacy standard of XDT is used in all hospitals and practices for XRAYS, patient Records, Laboratory, Billing. Now these systems can be leveraged using our HUB, to be used with new modern cloud computing standards.
  • For example, a OPB1 conformant Gateway that must be used by Germany Dentist and Doctors.

FHIR integrated which is the new modern Medical software internationally being adopted.

Search across all System as a single pane of glass.

  • All data is indexed and available for Text and Facet based search to make it very easy to find data within massive multi server systems.

eHealth / IOT allowing outpatients to be monitored using the modern OpenHealth standards.

  • For example EKG, CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) devices can communicate back to Patient, Doctors and Hospitals in real time.
  • For example building AI based systems to diagnose symptoms from an EKG IOT stream.

Collaboration Suite for real time Video conferencing, Chat, Calendar, Document editing. Similar to Google G Suite, but fully integrated into the Medical / Health system.


  • Metrics, Logging and Alerting is fully integrated with all aspects at the User and Administration Level.
  • For example in IOT scenarios, Doctors can be alerted when values go beyond nominal levels.

Deployment options

  • Deploy on Kubernetes or bare metal.
  • Locate on existing Clouds or On-Premise.

HA and Scalability

  • Do millions of transactions a second and store up to Petabytes easily.
  • All nodes and storage layers have no single point of failure.