Real time systems

We are a multipurpose software development company with experience building Mobile, Desktop and Server systems for real time information and collaboration.

We Help Business Grow

Our systems are leveraged where customers need real time streaming Servers and User Interfaces to give instant feedback to changes within your own data systems as well as third party & legacy systems you rely on.

Medical, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Finance is where we have past vertical knowledge experience, however many other verticals can benefit.

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Technology increasingly is the business. Disrupt yourself or be disrupted. For over 20 years we have been helping our...

Technical Systems Advisory

Often projects need external advice and workshops to help them in various ways. Systems architecture is one of the...


Helping you confront the unknown and move forward. So that you can experiment and move fast, we use technologies and...

Our Difference

Our clients trust us to know the right path to project success.
Real Time Collaboration allows your users to work more efficiently.

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